Personal Accident


The proper ways to deal with incidents reduces losses caused by them. Home is our safety castle, our rest place which should be fenced by means of safety to avoid the loss of life or property.

Fire Incidents

When there is a fire, God forbid, you must follow these steps:

  • Inform people living nearby about the fire and speed evacuate through safe emergency exits.
  • Switch off the power from its source.
  • Contact civil defense at the number (998).
  • Fire-fighting using the existing primary tools such as fire extinguishers.
  • In case of heavy smoke put a wet handkerchief on the mouth, nose and start crawling on the ground toward the emergency exit.
  • Do not try to return to the scene to take anything even if it is valuable.

Gas Incidents

In case of discovering a gas leakage, there are procedures to be followed:

  • Closing the gas leakage source.
  • Opening the windows.
  • Avoid switching on or turning off any light, suction fans or using matches.
  • When a fire occurs in a location you should close the gas source and move it away from the scene of the fire.