Claims Procedure

  • Fill the claim form.

  • Traffic report \ Najm report.

  • Accident map.

  • Copy of insurer driver’s license.

  • Copy of a valid vehicle registration.

  • Copy of a valid insurance policy.

  • Three estimates from proved workshop and spare parts by Traffic (in case the vehicle is reparable)

  • Three estimates from proved showrooms or Sheikh Al Maarith Report.

  • When both are on fault in that case we need valid thirdy party's insurance copy and driver's license.

  • Photographic pictures of the damaged vehicle.

  • Copy of the damaged vehicle registration.

  • Authorized letter from the car owner to submit the claim (in case the claim is submitted by another person)

  • ID copy is needed with the claim.

In case of Injuries

Added on the above

  • Medical report in the same accident date.

  • Letter from the decision of injury comity.

  • Court degree that proves that we have to pay the amount.

In case of death

Added on the above

  • Judge letter proved that we have to pay.

  • Death certificate.

  • Medical report.

  • Power of attorney letter.

  • Legal authorization letter to receive the cheque 


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